Automated Master-Client Boards for Online Entrepreneurs

How to set up a Master-Client board system with Butler for Trello

Would you like to raise your productivity to a new level within Trello?

Whether you are a single user or use it for managing your client projects - by creating workflow for repetitive tasks and sequences, you can increase your productivity and build up standard processes. Setting up a workflow may take some time to think it through and test it out. But once it is set up, it takes a lot of weight from your shoulders, because it is running by itself.

Automated Master-Client boards enable you to build workflows for your client projects. More than that, you will have a Master board where everything comes together. It will hold all your recent and future tasks and syncs changes back to the original client's board.

In this course, I am teaching you the basics of Butler for Trello, and the basics of the Master-Client board setup as I thought it through. There are several features to it - some of them are must-haves, others are nice-to-haves.

Together, we are building up your knowledge on various Butler features, so that you can build sophisticated commands yourself and create workflows that will change the way you work and give you a greater freedom with the work you do.

Course Versions

There are two versions available.

You can choose the Standard Version, which gives you access to the full course except Module 5 where I am guiding students to implement the commands I am using for the board. The Standard Version teaches you the features I have come up with, but it does not provide you with the commands to build the Master-Client board setup. - The Standard Version would be a valuable option for you if you are already well familiar with Butler for Trello, and possess the confidence to write all commands yourself.

Alternatively, you can choose the Pro Version. This version comes with extra guidance and support, and you will also be enabled to download the command to build your board setup quicker. Students that enroll in the Pro Version can also participate in Group Coaching Sessions I will offer regularly. In these sessions you can ask questions for setting up your boards, discuss ideas or pick my brain to find individual solutions for you.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: An Introduction into this Course

Module 2: An Introduction into Butler for Trello

Module 3: The Master-Client Board Setup

Module 4: Build It Yourself [PRO-Version only]

Module 5: Knowledge Base & Butler Features

Module 6: Final Thoughts

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