Butler Variables 101

A Primer to using Butler's Variables for Workflows in Trello Boards

There is both an auto-drip version and an instant access version of the online course "Butler Variables 101" to enroll in.

If you would like a downloadable text version (ebook) of this course,
please enroll in the instant access version!

This online course covers the in's & out's of using variables in commands within the Butler Power-Up* in Trello.


Have you ever wondered how you can actually make intelligent use of these variables that come in these curly brackets?

This online course provides the answers to your questions, and probably far more!

The modules in the auto-dripped course are being made available on a daily basis. The main content is dripped over 5 consecutive days.

Overview of the course's modules:

Day/Module 1: Introduction to Butler Variables 101
Day/Module 2: The Logic & Variety of Butler's Standard Variables
Day/Module 3: Using Butler's Standard Variables in Commands
Day/Module 4: The Basics of Variable Assembling
Day/Module 5: Coming Full Circle

Most of the modules contain exercises which are essential to deepen the student's understanding and help to implement the learnings.

*Whilst the course is set up for the Butler Power-Up, all the content equally applies to the ButlerBot. So, ButlerBot users who demand this knowledge can also enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, you will need an account with Trello (a free account is fine). You also need to enable the Butler Power-Up on at least one of your Trello boards.

Whilst you can do most of the workshop tasks with the free Butler version, I recommend to have at least a Gold account with Trello because you then have more possibilities and better quotas with Butler.

You do not need any previous knowledge of the Butler Power-Up, though a basic familiarity with the 5 command types would be helpful. (I recommend to download the free Quick Start Guide for the Butler Power-Up from my website!)

The course language is English. A basic understanding of the English language is enough.

You will also need some curiosity and creativity to master the learning curve ahead.

Experience shows that students take the course, learn what they need to and move on. They never log back in again.

There seems no need to grant anyone a "lifetime access". Thus, I have set an access limit of 6 months from the date of a student's enrollment. - However, should you need more time, that's no problem at all. Simply contact me and request to have your access limit extended.

Yes. I will do a refund for the auto-dripped course fees, under two conditions:
1. You contact me in-between 4 weeks after enrolling in the course and tell me why you aren't satisfied with the course. -- and --
2. You show me with screenshots that you implemented the workshop tasks (=commands) into your Trello board and let me know why you are dissatisfied with the course.

The same conditions apply for the instant access course. But I will deduct the fee for the eBook ($15) from the refundable amount.

You might be able to find some of the information for free if you search long enough. But you won’t experience a well laid-out course with numerous interesting workflow examples like this course offers you.

Enrolling in this course saves you a lot of time and frustration. And it also provides you with the expertise of someone who knows what she is doing.

Other questions not answered here? Contact Us.