User Variable Quickies

An Appetizer on User Variables with Butler for Trello

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An Appetizer on User Variables with Butler for Trello

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, you will need an account with Trello (a free account is fine).

Throughout the course, I am not asking you to set up any specific commands. So you actually don't need an account with Butler for Trello. Not yet.

Otherwise, the course is in English, so you should have a basic understanding of the English language.

The course materials are comprised of text and images.

No, you don't. But if helps if your understanding of Trello is solid.

Experience shows that students take the course, learn what they need, move on and rarely return. For this reason, I have set an access limit of 6 months from the date of a student's enrollment.

No, for this course I don't do any refunds.
This is a mini course with well-researched and condensed information to quickly get started with User Variables in Trello.

You are able to find this information also on the web, if you search long enough. It's your decision if you spend your time researching it yourself, or pay me a reasonable fee for researching and presenting this to you in a professional format.

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