Butler User Variables

An Introduction into User Variables with Butler for Trello

About this Course

This course focusses everything you need to know to understand how user variables work and to set up your own user variables in your boards.

There are 3 packages of this course.

The Intro Course package comes with 3 modules (see course curriculum below).

The Advanced package comes with a 4th module outlining and showcasing ideas & interesting setups for how user variables can be used in Trello.

The Advanced Use Cases package comes without any explanations how user variables work or can be defined. It contains only the advanced use case applications from the Advanced package.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 - User Variables - The Basics

  • What Are User Variables?
  • What Can User Variables Be Used For?
  • Storing Values For User Variables

Module 2 - Defining User Variables

  • How To Define A User Variable
  • Operations For Use For User Variables
  • Values For User Variables
  • Command Syntax For User Variables

Module 3 - Applications For User Variables

  • Applications For Card Variables (for each of the 4 operations)
  • Applications For Board Variables (for each of the 4 operations)

Module 4 - Advanced Use Cases & Applications

... amongst others,
  • Trigger Conditions With User Variables
  • Multiplication & Division As Enhanced Operations
  • Conditional Visual Markers With User Variables
  • Intermediate Board Variables
  • Dashcards With Counters From User Variables

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, you will need an account with Trello (a free account is fine). You also need to connect at least one of your Trello boards with Butler for Trello - and if you want to use the feature of user variables, you need to have a paid account, since this feature isn't accessible for free accounts.

Otherwise, the course is in English, so you should have a basic understanding of the English language.

The course materials are comprised of text and images.

No, you don't. But if you have never heard about Trello before, it might be a good idea to get your feet wet before diving into this course.

Please have a look at this article to get an idea of what I consider to be the most useful Trello features. You will need some familiarity with these features. And if you never heard about Butler for Trello before, I recommend to get started with this 4-article series on Butler for Trello I once wrote.

Experience shows that students take the course, learn what they need, move on and rarely return. For this reason, I have set an access limit of 6 months from the date of a student's enrollment.

No, for this course I don't do any refunds.

This is a mini course with well-researched and condensed information to quickly get started with User Variables in Trello.
You are able to find this information also on the web, if you search long enough. It's your decision if you spend your time researching it yourself, or pay me a reasonable fee for researching and presenting this to you in a professional format.

Some of the basic information presented in this course is accessible for free on the web.
But particularly the Advanced Use Cases aren't to be found elsewhere.

Other questions not answered here? Contact Us.